MQTT protocol | Specification | Clarifications

Here i share some important stuff about MQTT protocol from MQTT wiki. MQTT is widely used and most popular protocol. We already discuss MQTT protocol in this article : MQTT Protocol | MQTT in Depth | MQTT vs CoAP

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MQTT protocol | Specification | Clarifications

MQTT used to stand for MQ Telemetry Transport, but is today referred to simply as MQTT and is no longer an acronym. It is an extremely simple and lightweight Publish/Subscribe messaging protocol invented at IBM and Arcom (now Eurotech) to connect restricted devices in low bandwidth, high-latency or unreliable networks. MQTT was originally designed to connect sensor nodes over communication networks that are unreliable or high-latency, or both.

MQTT Protocol Specification

The current formal MQTT protocol specification can be found at:

The current MQTT-SN specification from IBM can be found at:


As questions arise around particular aspects of the specification, we are collecting clarifications:

Ideas for future enhancement

Ideas (and reasons for why they may be required) are being collected here:

Items fixed in the updated OASIS spec


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