3 Uncommon Tools That Promise A Stronger Internet Security Profile

Many internet users do not know that staying safe online is not as expensive a project as they might have thought.

The first point of call for most users, as it should be, is antivirus software. It is not uncommon to see users ensure privacy with a VPN and download a password manager to secure their login details.

Beyond those picks, though, it seems that there is nothing else to be done for more robust internet security. That could not be more wrong.

In this piece, we discuss three of the less commonly talked about tools that will help boost your cybersecurity profile.

Ad Blockers

Some great ads expose you to things you didn’t even know before. The fact that many webmasters have abused ads, though, means you should use an ad blocker.

In the same vein, ad blockers will help you to keep malicious ads away from your computer. Otherwise, you might end up clicking on something that breaches your personal information and exposes you to varying levels of hacks.

That said, the best ad blockers know how to keep the highly intrusive ads out of your way while still letting some through. The onus lies on you, as the final user, to know what ads to interact with from the passed ones. After all, even poor ads could slip through the cracks of checks sometimes.

The Tor Browser

The Onion Router network, popularly referred to as Tor, has been here for a while. It is still here today because it does what it is supposed to do well enough.

As the name implies, this browser is famed for relaying your internet traffic through tunnels and layers of encryption before it gets to the final server. This makes it impossible for the server being communicated with to know where the communication originated.

By extension, that keeps the user safe and secure, preventing the loss of their anonymity online. It is also an effective tactic against browser fingerprinting, which is becoming more common these days.

Email Scanner

A good antivirus scanner will also have an email scanner in the mix. But then, that is just an additional feature of the antivirus scanner. Why not get a dedicated email scanner to look through all of your emails for signs of suspicious activity before you even get to such emails?

The excellent email scanners don’t only check for malicious intent in attachments. They also identify blacklisted email addresses and servers, informing you of such emails’ security status before you interact with them at all.

Stay Safer

Try these tools out today and see how they improve your online safety profile. There are more tools, of course, but these are a great place to start.

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