Best On-demand Grocery Delivery Apps in UAE

Have you been waiting for the entire week for that precious weekend to fill your shopping bags with grocery items? But oh! You also wanted to go to your friend’s place to spend a wholesome weekend. For such complex circumstances, we have got some incredible recommendations for you that can work wonders for you. So, with the objective of allowing you to undo your heavily loaded shopping basket, here are the best on-demand grocery delivery apps in UAE that are going to be your saviour. 

Cutting down the time spent while standing in long grocery store queues, here are the best online grocery shopping apps that are going to be your first choice from now on.

  • Kibsons 

Kibsons International has been quite a popular name in the grocery industry for over three decades now. With adaptations and technological advancements, it now allows its customers to purchase a range of grocery products on their app or website. It is profound in delivering fruits and vegetables of top quality. It guarantees free replacement of products within 24 hours if you do not like the item. It also offers raw nuts, healthy beverages, and a unique basket full of specific meal-prep ingredients.

  • QualityFood 

Established in 2015, QualityFood is a predominant grocery store in the UAE. It delivers fresh and great quality groceries within 24 hours across the UAE. It also includes  Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, Ajman, and Sharjah. It delivers a variety of grocery products like organic vegetables, fruits, berries, tropical and exotic fruits, juice, dairy products, canned goods, chocolates, fruits & nuts, meat & poultry, seafood, bakery, and frozen food items. There is no minimum order limit on their app. However, orders less than 150 AED are charged a delivery fee of 35 AED. 

  • Union Coop 

This is another popular online supermarket that carries grocery delivery across the UAE. It offers a wide variety of grocery items and home essentials. It has over 26,000 products on its app. It offers a variety of discounts and great deals via its in-house Tamayaz card. You can also earn reward points when you shop from their card. 

  • El Grocer 

El Grocer boasts of having one of the vast online catalogs of over 40,000 items that deliver products from some of the very popular stores in Dubai like Al Maya and Aswaaq. The El Grocer app provides a user-friendly interface that includes a ‘personal aisle’ section in it. It comprises the records of your previous orders to allow you to repeat orders without having to choose every time. The app also takes note of weekly and monthly retailer promotions on grocery items to help you grab a good deal whenever you shop from their website. 

  • InstaShop 

InstaShop is another very popular grocery delivery app in Dubai. It delivers a variety of grocery items from some of the famous stores such as Union Coop, Almaya, Zoom, Metro, Spar, Aswaaq, and a few more. It guarantees delivery at your doorstep in about 30-60 minutes. However, the delivery depends on your location. It offers a user-friendly interface that makes grocery ordering very easy. It gives you information on the nearest participating grocery stores. to add to your convenience, it allows you to schedule your delivery time and mark regularly ordered items as favourite. 

  • Carrefour 

This one is both a well-renowned hypermarket and supermarket group in Dubai. It carries out its online functions via its app called MAF Carrefour that offers grocery and other daily-use items. It offers a wide variety of items and operates throughout the city with the best quality service and items. 

  • Lulu Hypermarket 

Lulu hypermarket offers a hassle-free grocery shopping experience. It has a huge variety of food and dairy items. It has a convenient search bar that allows you to find and order groceries and other home essentials. Lulu covers the entire city and also gives you the benefit of scheduling your order. 

Having the ease of getting food and grocery at your doorstep is nothing but a blessing of technology and the internet. This blessing is being enjoyed by almost every household these days. During today’s time when everyone is staying in due to the global pandemic, online grocery apps have been of great help to all. You can order the required amount and type of grocery items online. The best part is that most of these apps allow you to schedule your delivery. Isn’t it what you had been looking to ease your grocery bag’s load? 

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